Preventative Care

What’s Free and What’s Not with Preventive Care

Who knew health care could be so complicated? Well … lots of people. But Vista360health will make it easier for you. Let’s talk preventive care as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Under the ACA, Obamacare, or whatever name you know it as, qualified health plans cover an annual exam with preventive care at no cost to you. A pretty sweet deal, right?

Here’s the skinny: Patients should know which preventive services are covered before they head to their Primary Care Physician’s office. Per ACA, only certain preventive services are covered at 100%. Other services that may be ordered by your doctor could be applied to your copay or deductible. That might leave you scratching your head … and having to grab your wallet. To avoid extra costs (and head-scratching), go to your annual physical knowing the facts.

Many factors, like age and gender, determine what’s included as preventive services. If we tried to discuss every single covered service, this blog would be longer than the first book of “Game of Thrones”. Let’s touch base on a few of the big items and then you can check the links below for more:

Preventive Services for Adults
1. A list of immunizations (half of which we can’t pronounce). So, go get your flu shots! They’re free.
2. Lots of fun screenings such as Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.
The full list of covered services for adults is here.

Preventive Services for Women
1. Mammograms. Or as we like to call it, the Panini press for your breasts.
2. Well-woman visits. And included is every woman’s favorite exam, the Pap Smear!
3. Birth Control
The full list of covered services for women is here.

Preventive Services for Children
1. Newborn hearing screening. Although they will probably pretend they can’t hear you when they’re older.
2. Vision screening.
3. Immunization vaccines from birth until the age of 18. Again, get your shots (early in life)!
The full list of covered services for children is here.

To be healthy, be proactive. Go get your annual physical. It’s preventive and free.