SWSW Drinking

Stay Healthy at “South By” (SXSW Tips)

We couldn’t let March 2017 pass without mentioning South by Southwest. Austin is our home, after all. But because Vista360health is focused on health care, we’re also thinking about the toll SXSW can take on your body (as well as your eardrums). Along with music, film and digital trends, SXSW is known for lack of sleep, impact on the immune system and problematic diet. There’s a reason so many people wake up with colds the Monday after.

So we’ve put together some health tips for your SXSW adventures. Save yourself pain with these strategies.

Water, Water, Take it with You Everywhere

Dehydration is one of the most common health threats for SXSW attendees. Bring a water bottle along and keep it filled. Follow Bill Murray’s “one for one” rule: drink a cup of H20 between beers. Overall, you should drink half your weight in ounces of water per day. Remember, water is free at venues and you’ll be happy to miss the looming hangover

Also, grab those fluids! Coconut water, carrot-, tomato- and watermelon-based juices fight volume depletion. We’re pretty sure all those are readily available around Austin. And pursue foods and fluids with salt content. If salt is in the body, water follows (that’s science!). As it turns out, barbecue has benefits beyond your taste buds. But if you have high blood pressure, it’s probably best to skip Saltlick and just grab a Gatorade.

SXSW Fit Tips

To avoid the “festival fifteen,” try some of these ideas while taking in the scene.

1. If you’re not traveling a far distance, skip the pedicabs and rideshares. Walk for the cardio, or pick up a bicycle from one the bike kiosks located downtown. You save money this way…

2. You know those backpacks everyone is carrying? Those act as weights for an all-day workout. It’s also a good place to stash an apple or granola bar for a waiting-in-line snack.

3. In between shows, visit Austin’s famous spots like Whole Foods or Daily Juice Café for a full menu of healthy food and drink options. Warning: these locations will be packed.

4. Sleep! A full 7-8 hours should keep you sharp.

Keep these tips in mind as you wade into SXSW. Vista360health wishes you great fun and good health as you use your badges and wristbands – or if you’re looking for the next free show. Rock on.