Shopping List

Milk … Bananas … Health Care? Make a Shopping List

Go to the grocery store without a shopping list and you can forget something you need, buy something you don’t and spend more than you want. Same with shopping for a health plan, which can cost you (a lot!) more.

Sooner than you think, you’ll be shopping for 2019 medical coverage if you’re not covered by an employer health plan. Sign-ups begin November 1! Be ready BEFORE the healthcare marketplace opens! Start making a list now that starts with these 5 items:

  • Who Are Your Docs. You may have other physicians who you see routinely besides your primary care physician. Perhaps a heart specialist, a podiatrist, a dermatologist or someone else? Avoid unexpected costs; check to see if all your docs (and any of your dependents) are in the plan you choose.
  • Check the network. Health plans have labs, hospitals, and doctors who are “in” their networks. Check what hospital is in the plan. (Do you really want to drive 45 miles away in an emergency?) Another concern: is your fave doctor staying with the plan you have this year? Plan to call the doctor’s office and ask.
  • Expected Procedures? Planning surgery next year? Expect other big health costs? Then you may want a lower deductible. Don’t need specialists or anticipate any medical issues? Then you might consider a higher deductible.
  • Regular Prescriptions. The cost for maintenance meds that you take regularly (even daily) can vary a lot between health insurance offerings. When shopping for a new health plan, check the plans prescription drug list to see how your drug would be covered.
  • Freebies! For example, like free sample tables in the grocery aisles, some health plans offer lab tests at no cost or 24/7/365 mobile access to real, live, local doctors (saving time and perhaps doctor visit costs). As well as a wide network of physicians, hospitals and pharmacies near home and work, guaranteed to accept your insurance. You know … like Vista360health.

Worried you may need to add to this list? Maybe we can help. Contact us. We’re happy to help when it comes to shopping wisely.