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Some Lab Tests Should Be Covered…And That’s What We Did

“Free” isn’t a word you hear often enough when it comes to your medical care. And too often, what you thought was free — a wellness check with your primary care doc — turns out to have extra costs when something like additional lab tests are recommended.


We explain more about what’s free and not free at your PCP visit here, but the short of it is that too often health insurance carriers offer ‘barely’ care, meaning only what’s laid out in the “Essential Health Benefits” named under the federal Affordable Care Act…and not much more.


We discovered last year that four important, check-up-related lab tests often ordered by PCPs, but not considered “Essential”, were not covered. Our members had to pay for some of the test costs via copays and deductibles.  (You can’t claim you’re trying to keep people healthy if you don’t even cover important, basic lab tests.) So, we made these tests free for members.


Effective this year, Vista360health is going over and above concerning Essential Health Benefits, covering the entire cost of the Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Profile, Urinalysis and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone tests. We’re talking 100% coverage, with not a penny billed to members. Seriously. F-R-E-E. (We often find we have to repeat ourselves when we’re talking free benefits.)


We know, some of the federal health benefits rules (well, maybe a lot of them) don’t always make good sense. This is one of them.


We also know that “barely” isn’t a good strategy for keeping people healthy. As a local carrier, we have the flexibility to adapt our plans to make them right-sized and appropriate for members — maximizing your benefits and minimizing what comes out of your wallet. (Let’s get a high five for that!)


Easy to say, not always easy to do – but we’ve done it because it’s the right thing to do.


Want to know more about this or other things we offer that’s above and beyond what you normally expect from other health plans – like our no-cost 24/7/365 online access to a real, live, local doctor, saving time and doctor visit costs? Ora large network of physicians and hospitals guaranteed to accept Vista360health insurance?


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