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Top Member Question: What Happens if I get Sick While Traveling?

Traveling especially during Texas sweaty summers to cooler climates can be a treat. But journeying far from home – even just over the state border – can be somewhat worrisome. Not because of plane delays and lost luggage. (Aren’t we used to airlines perks, by now?!) The worst thing that can happen is getting sick.

What if I catch a vicious virus on the airplane? Trip on a cobblestone street? Tumbledown a scenic overlook? Is this just a stomach flu? Do these bug bites or stings look poisonous? Should this rash be examined immediately by a doctor?

The truth is most plan for all aspects of their vacation except what to do if they (or a family member) falls ill. Vacations should be rejuvenating! Yes, but even the healthiest of us can find themselves curled up on the floor of a hotel bathroom.


Here are two tips to minimize your anxiety:


  • Check your health insurance coverage before you leave. What happens if you need to get medical guidance or have an emergency? Best for your health (and pocketbook) to know the options before the emergency. Make sure when you call you ask about the specific destination you’re traveling to.  If you’re covered by Vista360health, worry not! A sudden emergency room visit in a strange land (even Oklahoma!) is covered. But maybe you don’t need to go to an ER. Find out first! Vista360health offers 24/7/365 guidance with a doctor via its free telemedicine service. It’s like having a doctor come with you on vacation.
  • Make sure you have your health insurance ID card…and it’s in your wallet. In a true emergency, no one is running back to your hotel to find an ID card. Keep in on you at all times, when possible. Do you carry your smartphone with you everywhere? (Uh, who doesn’t?!) Many health plan companies offer apps that store basic insurance claim information in one easy-to-access spot. Vista4Me, the mobile device app for Vista360health, even includes personal health information.


Also wise is to take these steps, which can keep you healthy while traveling:


  • Sleep! Rest helps your body fight off germs and recover from exertion.
  • Stretch! Neck, arms, shoulders, back and legs can get stiff and lead to an injury.
  • Breathe! Take a breath, hold it, exhale, repeat anytime, anywhere to relax and alleviate stress.
  • Walk! Why travel by vehicle a mile or so away? And skip the elevator or escalator and use stairs when you can.
  • Hydrate! Drink enough non-caffeinated, nonalcoholic glassfuls to keep you even-keeled.
  • Hand sanitizer! Literally “comes in handy” as you touch handrails, door handles and more while traveling.
  • Sunscreen! Protect your exposed skin from sunshine by applying every two hours.


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