berry smoothie

Create the Perfect Protein Smoothie!

Finish a great workout? Looking to refuel? Try making a delicious protein smoothie! Different from a protein shake (which usually consists of just protein powder and water or milk), these smoothies can provide you with plenty body-friendly, muscle-mending nutrients.

Have on hand some easy ingredients, and follow these simple steps. You’ll be on your way to producing a powerhouse in a glass in no time!

Step 1: Choose the liquid base.

  • The first step in any smoothie is the liquid base. Try creamy, tasty milk – coconut, almond, soy, hemp or two percent. The possibilities are almost endless. You name it, and there is probably milk made out of it. Adding 1-1 ½ cups should do the trick (or add some water for a larger smoothie without increasing the calories).

Step 2: Add protein powder.

  • Nowadays, there is a protein powder for everyone. You can go with a whey and casein mix – the two main proteins in milk – for a powder filled with amino acids. If you’re sensitive to lactose and prefer one without whey, suggests using a soy, pea, or wheat protein powder. Generally, one scoop or 20-25 grams of protein powder is sufficient.

Step 3: Throw in fruits and veggies.

  • Now comes the color. And the fiber, vitamins and antioxidants! Toss in fruits and vegetables with your base and protein powder. Try these tasty pairings:
Protein powder Add-ins
Vanilla Most fruits and veggies work well
Chocolate Bananas, berries, cherries, all veggies
Misc., including flavors like cinnamon bun or cookies and cream Spinach or kale
Flavorless Any fruit or veggie. Pick your favorite.

Step it up with seeds, spices, oil and nut butters

  • For even more good-for-you elements, add a sprinkle, pinch or dollop of one or two of these ingredients:

If your added fruit is not frozen, throw in a few ice cubes and blend everything together. Enjoy it while you brainstorm your next smoothie combination!