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Beyond the Exchange: Health Plans That Can Fit Better

Tick, tick, tick. Time’s running out. The December 15 deadline to secure health coverage in 2018 is fast approaching.

If you’ve been scanning, the “exchange” website, and frustrated with the options, you may be looking in the wrong place. …

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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Health Plan

Shopping for individual health insurance? There is no shortage of information when it comes to healthcare coverage. Yet, all those acronyms and plan details can make your head whirl. With about month left to decide on a health plan — …

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Where to Go for Medical Care? Your Guide Here

When it comes to medical care, there are plenty of choices available to you: Hospital Emergency Room (ER), Freestanding ER, Urgent Care Center, Primary Care Physician office and telemedicine. Yet, each is associated with a different price tag. Remember the …

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