The Freestanding ER Ain’t Free.

Picture this: you wake up in the middle of the night. You’re feeling bad; maybe it’s a fever, maybe nausea. Or a migraine. You crawl out of bed and into your car. Now you’re in the car, in pain and in your pajamas. What now? Where do you go?

Stay Healthy at “South By” (SXSW Tips)

We couldn’t let March 2017 pass without mentioning South by Southwest. Austin is our home, after all. But because Vista360health is focused on health care, we’re also thinking about the toll SXSW can take on your body (as well as your eardrums). Along with music, film and digital trends

Surprising Heart Disease Myths

Oh the pretty colors of the rainbow do make us smile and wish we could find that lucky pot of gold. These colors also represent awareness of health issues that affect women and men across the world. We see pink to educate us about breast cancer, purple for lupus, and blue for men’s health.

Be Local-Stay Local: Why We Chose HEB Pharmacy

No doubt cost was among the reasons you chose Vista360health and you are counting on us to do our best to keep cost down for you. When it comes to prescriptions, we know this can be a little frustrating. We have all seen the headlines regarding rising prescriptions drug costs (can someone say Epipen?!) and worry about how this will affect us personally.

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