5 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make When Buying Health Insurance

Everyone wants to save a buck. All too true for small business owners watching their bottom line. But, health insurance is one area that you shouldn’t skimp. That penny-pinching plan could end up costing you and your employees big $. Not to mention, the hassle that might ensue from dealing with said medical insurance issues. (Uh…have you ever been on hold by one of those large health insurance companies?)

Deductibles, Out-of-Pocket Maximums, Coinsurance…Huh? Health Insurance Terms Explained in Real Language.

Deductibles, out-of-pocket maximum, and coinsurance … oh my!

These health insurance terms can make you wish there were ruby slippers that could easily return you, healthy and happy, to Auntie Em’s loving arms.  However, beyond the overall cost for signing up for your plan, you need to understand these three words because they can impact your pocketbook if you seek medical attention.

Avoid This Madness! Mark March with a Colon Check

March is a popular month for activity in Austin: SXSW, Rodeo Austin, Spring Break. It’s enough to make you flee town or hibernate until April. Before you do, there is another important event in March that should not be ignored — National Colorectal Cancer Month.

To Avoid Unnecessary MRI, CT Scans Do This. Your Pocketbook Will Appreciate It

When was the last time you had an X-ray or CT (computerized tomography) scan? For several reasons, that’s important to know – and important to ask your doctor – before you get another one. Because too often, patients get more of them than they need, possibly exposing themselves to unhealthy levels of radiation – and definitely increasing their medical bills.

New Law Helps, But Know This: Freestanding ERs Aren’t Free

When seeking immediate, nonemergency medical care, it’s best to know before you go – know what it’s going to cost you, that is.

Certainly, you’ll want to know whether the doctor you see will accept your insurance coverage. That’s turned out to be a concern when visiting a freestanding emergency room. Too often, patients don’t find out until they face a big, surprising (and perhaps unnecessary) bill afterward.

Cedar Fever or a Cold? Here’s How to Tell Them Apart

Your nose knows something is irritating it but is it a cold? Or cedar fever? Hard to say these days in Central Texas. Particularly chilly winter weather can lead to colds. And recently, the highest airborne pollen levels loom, prompting bouts of cedar fever. How can you tell which is which?

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