Be Local-Stay Local: Why We Chose HEB Pharmacy

No doubt cost was among the reasons you chose Vista360health and you are counting on us to do our best to keep cost down for you.

When it comes to prescriptions, we know this can be a little frustrating. We have all seen the headlines regarding rising prescriptions drug costs (can someone say Epipen?!) and worry about how this will affect us personally.

We are happy to partner with H-E-B and here’s why:

  • “Be Local, Stay Local” is something many of us take to heart, as does Vista360health. No other grocery store chain is as local at H-E-B.
  • Our partnership with H-E-B allows our health plan members to get competitive pricing on prescription medicines. That means lower pharmacy bills for you and family members covered by your plan.
  • There are H-E-Bs pretty much everywhere and anywhere across Texas (even some locations in Mexico). They have more than 340 stores in more than 150 communities. With such expansive reach, locating one to fill a prescription is as easy as spelling H-E-B.
  • In Austin, H-E-B’s Hancock Center store is open 24/7 – as is its pharmacy, for those times when you can’t wait till the next morning for your prescription.

Another reason you likely selected Vista360health are the personalized services we offer such as our FREE telemedicine program which give you access to a physician 24/7/365. A physician who will answer the phone and actually lives in your community. Heck you might even run into the physician at your local H-E-B. Learn more about this free program at

We’re homegrown and locally focused – as is H-E-B.

But we’ve heard your concerns, and we are exploring options and looking to add pharmacies where you can get a good deal – and still keep your health care costs down. Like in February we added Nau’s Enfield Drug to our network. Nau’s Enfield Drug is home to Austin’s only original full service drug store and 1950’s style soda fountain shop. Wicked cool huh?