About the App

Vista4me is a simple way to keep all of your health information organized in one place. With Vista4me, all your personal health information, coverage, deductible expenses, account balances and claim information is conveniently located in the palm of your hands.

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What you get!

Free 24/7 Telemedicine.  Connect to our free 24/7/365 Telemedicine and access a real local doctor.  No need to “Google” in the middle of the night.

Finally, all your Personal Health Records (PHR) in the palm of your hand.  We know the frustration when you must recall for the umpteen time all your medical history. What year did you have your tonsils removed? What are the medications that you take? All here in one place.  And then you can securely email it.  It’s totally in your control.

Updated Health Records.  Here’s the best part, Vista4me will help keep your records current.  So, your new meds, procedures, diagnoses and even most lab results are available. Just hold down the item, click Add and magically these items will appear in your PHR – that’s the report that you can securely email.

Need your PCP? Click and dial from the app, get directions to the office or request a PCP change.

Can’t find your ID card? Or your spouse can’t find your child’s? It’s on the app and can be emailed. And you can request a new ID card.

Want to add your dental, vision, driver’s license so there are all in one place Take a photo and attach.

Benefit Overview. Here’s a quick snapshot of your benefits.

Check deductible and out of pocket maximums. See where you stand year-to-date.

Easy access to claims. Get the latest on your claims detail and status.

Find a provider. Locate a physician, pharmacy, hospital or urgent care center closest to you. Then call directly from the app.

Prescription drug search. Search the drugs in Vista360health’s formulary.