Access to a Doc with a Swipe of the Phone

Imagine: Calling a 24/7/365 help line and getting a real live doctor on the other end. A call where you don’t get lost in a maze of prompts or voicemails. It’s like having a best friend who is a doctor!

Now imagine that it’s free.

With Vista360health’s new eMD Access, patients on our health plans get at no cost what many other health plans make you pay for in some way. You get a real and local Austin doctor on the line to listen and to respond to your medical issue. Real and local?!?!?? How is that possible you say???? Well it’s called telemedicine.

Why miss work and have to make up hours or lose income? Why drag the kids with you or have to find a sitter? Why fight traffic to only have to wait in a doctor’s office?

More times, the help you need doesn’t require a physician face-to-face. By phone, doctors can treat common illnesses such as colds, infections, allergies and minor injuries. They can recommend the best over-the-counter drugs and even prescribe medications. They can expertly tell you if you need to go to a doctor’s office or an emergency room immediately.

And not having to see a doctor in person saves more than time…it also saves you $$$!!

Beyond the free phone call, those who sign up for eMD Access can share information, photos and files with the doctor via text messaging, image sharing and video chat through a mobile platform that is HIPAA-compliant. Pretty cool huh?

With eMD Access, getting you the right care at the right time can’t be simpler. Whether it’s provided at work, at home, on the street, in a park … wherever you are at your moment of need eMD access is available to you. For more information, go to eMD Access Customer Service at or call 512-421-5678.